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Weclome To The Home Of Strip TV

Hello everyone, 

we are going to give you the entertainment side in the stripping industry.  A channel that will be all about stripping that will introduce male and female exotic dancers. We will talk to the experienced dancers as well as new comers and hear their point of views

of how they got into this lifestyle.

This will be an interesting place to discover the other side of the exotic nightlife of the strip world.

​Sometimes I'm may be right, and I can be wrong as I'm only human...

My own beliefs are to enjoy you body and freedom through dance. The butcher, the banker, the drummer and whoever you are. It makes no difference, but people will thirst for a stripper to entertain them at their functions. 

We're everyday people that have to make a living. The point is, we all work for one thing, to accept that green. When the duty calls you have to get your mind right to go out there and do a show.

A lot of people are not cut out to do this, but different strokes for different folks. Strippers are everyday people. However we all live together...

This why I want to bring you something different which is this channel where you can discover, grow learn about exotic dance, fitness, freedom, confidence, stepping outside your everyday life to create a fun out going personality of the new you.

Never be afraid to challenge yourself.

In life you just have to do it, or you it continue to be boring. Don't accept boring, make yourself do a lot more because you're living on borrowed time.

Now enjoy the exotic ride of creativity.

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