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The Sweat Factory DVD

The New Extreme Strip Workout


An extreme way to sweat during a workout is to strip down and burn more body fat as you can see the sweat will drip more from your muscles!

This full entire SWEAT FACTORY DVD is in post, and it will be for sale SOON!

Be sure to purchase the TOTAL NAKED SWEAT FACTORY WORKOUT DVD which covers quadriceps, hamstrings, back, forearms, chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, calfs, abs, & gluteus maximus only for $20 dollars!

Please forward this exciting news link to your friends! 

For All Show Bookings review my Thongs of Fury Trailer, & my HC Show Reel...



News item "So You Think You Can Strip"

I'm looking for males and females that have great physical bodies and know how to strip!


The time has come for me to train & organize male, and female dancers for mini tours, reality, video, productions etc. I will also evaluate beginners...

So, if you have what it takes, and ready to show off your body email me two body shot pictures of you in your thong, swimsuit, bikini, It’s just that easy.

Next send me a two minute video telling me a story about you and demonstrating your strip dance.

This could be a great opportunity for you to be yourself, and go outside of your box.


You must be 18 legally to dance, but 21 years of age to dance at the clubs.

Email to


More HC News

News item Coming Soon 
"Inside The Private Parties!"

The Fun and Excitement of Ladies Night Out


We all work so hard, but sometime we don't reward ourselves much often. Now women are taking advantage of their opportunities, and are having a mind blowing night out because life is too short.

So what better way than to celebrate with your girlfriends, and get together at a place and let the fun begin!

You can be a winner to have your next party filmed and viewed on the website!

Just email to: a two minute video clip of why you, and your girlfriends deserve a "Private party".


News item Coming Soon
" HC Teaches You How To Strip For Your Mate"


Have you ever considered yourself a shy person by staying in your comfort zone, and haven't tried to stretch your limits to think outside the box to please your partner? 


Maybe now it's time to try something different and fun. 

This will break down all your fears and barriers to make your journey fun and love yourself first. Later your confidence will take you to creative ways to surprise your mate with your own fantasy striptease.


For all interested males and females, who would like to learn how to strip can sign up for my class via email.


Email me a head shot & body shot. Tell me why you're ready to try something different.

Send your subject regarding to:

News item Coming Soon 
" You can be a guest star in HC's
next stripping webisode."



I'm in development of putting together some

stripping theme fantasy videos... 


So, if you have what it takes to strut a creative sexy flair

in my next videos then this could just be perfect for you.

What are you waiting on? Now is the time for

you to put together an erotic exotic dance skit.

Email me a head shot and body shot.  


Next a 2:00 minute clip of your name, age, height, & weight.


Please let me know why you want to be on my show.


Last phase play your music & begin demonstrating your strip teasing act.

Email to

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The Sweat Factory Trailer

HC's Ladies Night Out

Thongs of Fury

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